Established in 2005, Chongqing Haodong Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which specialized in production of Infrared catalytic gas burner, poultry gas brooder. We also supply the One-stop Procurement Service for conveyor chain system, spray booth filter, powder spray machine etc.

Now our products are popular applied in pain coating line, food baking oven, dipping line, poultry farm & hosue, coffee shop patio/greenhouse, abattoir/fruit/vegetable company etc.

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산업용 히터
컨베이어 체인 시스템 및 부품
bbq grill burners
가스 brooder
US$18.00 - US$40.00/
10.0 개(Min. Order)
US$35.00 - US$43.00/
1 개(Min. Order)
US$58.00 - US$62.00/세트
1 세트(Min. Order)
US$58.00 - US$62.00/세트
1 세트(Min. Order)